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Overshadowing Mary’s Angel

Sunday, December 9, 2018
Paster Joel ZSeries Angels and Songs Message Overshadowing (Mary’s Angel) Pastor Joel Zuidema Scripture Luke 1:26-38 After 500 years of Gabriel not showing up on earth, he makes his second appearance in a few month’s time. It was Daniel whom he appeared to 500 years earlier in Daniel 9 in answer to Daniel’s prayer for redemption from captivity. Gabriel promised that and more. Israel would be released to their homeland, but an even greater redemption was on the horizon for God’s people. Now in Luke Gabriel shows up to announce fulfillment of what was promised in Daniel 9. First he tells Zechariah about a coming son John in answer to Zechariah’s and Elizabeth’s prayers. Verses later he appears to a young Jewish girl from a no name town in a forgotten region. She’s going to have a baby through the miraculous impregnation by the Holy Spirit. Today we consider Gabriel’s announcement and young Mary’s response through five words: humility, privilege, mystery, sovereignty, and submission.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018
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